Michelle Tolmay

Associate Dietitian I Durban I Umhlanga

083 277 7927
BSc Medical Honours Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics (UCT)
Human Kinetics & Ergonomics (HKE) and Psychology (Rhodes)

Michelle qualified as a dietitian in 2011 at the University of Cape Town. After completing her community service year at EG & Usher Memorial Hospital in Kokstad she continued working in state hospitals as a clinical dietitian until 2014. She then went into private practice in Durban.  She has a passion for healthy eating and lifestyle. Her primary interests are in the areas of sports nutrition, eating disorders and oncology. Michelle’s undergraduate degree in HKE stimulated her interest in sports nutrition and the importance of nutrition for exercise and performance. She, therefore, completed a course on exercise prescription in chronic diseases and special populations through the Witwatersrand University. She is currently completing the Sports Nutrition Diploma through the International Olympic Committee (IOC), which will allow her to specialise further in the area of sports nutrition. “I am passionate about exercise and fitness, as well as practice what I preach when it comes to my own training nutrition strategies.”

“I see food as nourishing and something that should be enjoyed not feared. I see ‘healthy’ as being the most nutritious option that fits in with a person’s individual goals.”

In 2012 Michelle followed up her interest in eating disorders by studying further in areas on emotional eating, binge eating & bulimia nervosa. She is planning on completing her final course on restrictive eating disorders, including anorexia nervosa, anorexia athletic and orthorexia, by the end of 2016.

Apart from working in the area of oncology, Michelle also has a personal interest in the nutrition that cancer patients need to receive.

In 2015 she suffered the loss of her father to cancer so is well aware of the challenges that patients, and their families, are faced when it comes to managing the side effects of the disease as well as of treatment. Her aim is to help those suffering from cancer as well as those caring for a loved one with cancer.

In working with people from all walks of life, Michelle also helps clients with various health and lifestyle conditions by providing unique, tailored nutrition solutions to achieve their personal goals.

“The nutrition that a patient receives during as well as after treatment is integral to improving their quality of life as well as to determining the outcome of their treatment.“


Each patient or client is different and will each have their own goals. They, therefore, need a unique and tailored solution to achieve their intended outcome. Advice is provided, and tailored nutrition strategies or eating plans are calculated and prescribed accordingly to ensure that, if adhered to, they will result in an achievement of a client’s goals.

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‘ I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you again for your help and commitment.’

Michael Hay. Multi Day Endurance Athlete.

‘You've played a big role in Madi's development. We are very grateful for the work you do. You've been an incredible support to us.’

Madison’s mom.

‘Thank you, I truly appreciate your help in getting me into a new improved lifestyle.’

Neil Fynn.

‘My racing has been awesome. Never felt tired at any point. My eating plan is the bomb, I am not ever changing.’

Natalie Bergstrom. SA Masters MTB Cross Country.

‘I have already seen an improvement. She has been eating her dinner without us having to remind her to chew or hurry up.’

Kelsey’s mom.

'Thank you for the inspirational session. I feel like I have a new lease on life & I am ecstatic to begin my healthy regime.’

Paula Lewis.

‘My race went great - did a personal best. Been sticking to my plan with nutrition & its really helping.’

Miroslav Fischer. Iron Man Athlete.

‘My wife & I were extremely pleased with the huge weight that was lifted after the consult. Thank you!’

Kimeya’s dad.

‘The session was exactly what I needed to kick start the road to a healthier lifestyle.’

Subashni Govender.

‘I felt really strong throughout. I had a great & enjoyable race. Thanks again for all your help.’

Jono Cech. Cape Epic.

‘The visit to you has made a difference. She is eating vegetables now.’

Kirthi’s mom.

‘You helped me feel a lot more positive. I had been feeling very concerned about my level of tiredness & low energy!’

Jessica Chaplin.