Child Nutrition

‘By encouraging healthy eating habits from a young age, you are giving your child the advantage of developing a healthy relationship with food as they advance into adulthood.’


Being mothers and having spent most of our careers working within paediatrics, we are aware of the pressures placed on children today. We also understand the challenges facing parents as they rely on and need access to food that is convenient, but nutritious.

The importance of good nutrition starts from pre-conception through to adulthood. We provide breastfeeding support for new mums, advice on introducing solids to your baby as well as help you to ensure that your children receive the right nutrition throughout their growing years. The food our children eat plays a vital role in how they grow, develop, concentrate on school work, perform on the sports field, fight infections, how they interact with their peers and even how they respond to discipline.

We are passionate about providing nutrition that is specific to each baby as well as a child. We help families to overcome any problems that their baby or child may be experiencing with their nutritional intake. Our recommendations encompass the bigger picture and aim to correct eating problems in the long term with consideration given to the child’s unique characteristics and psychology.  When necessary we work together with paediatricians and other health care providers that may be involved in a child’s care.

Nutrition advice is individualized to fit into the family’s lifestyle and financial budget. Outcomes and targets are discussed upon initial consult and follow up consultations are encouraged, where improvements are celebrated, and solutions to problem areas are discussed.

‘Monitoring and maintaining a child’s growth and diet through sickness and health is key to ensuring adequate development – both physically and cognitively.’

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‘You've played a big role in Madi's development. We are so grateful for the work you do. You've been an incredible support to us.’

Madison’s mom.

‘I've already seen an improvement. She has been eating her dinner without us having to remind her to chew or hurry up.’

Kelsey’s mom.

‘My wife & I were extremely pleased with the huge weight that was lifted after the consult. Thank you!’

Kimeya’s dad.

‘The visit to you has made a difference. She is eating vegetables now.’

Kirthi’s mom.

‘Our whole family has made changes to our diets. We love our new foods. I can see a drastic change in Devan without using any medication!’

Devan’s mom.