DNA Nutrition

'Your genetics tells the original story of your physical strengths and weaknesses'

The future of healthcare and the prevention of disease lie in personalising our lifestyles to match our unique DNA profiles.  Testing is now available to map our DNA genotypes and determine our susceptibility to unsuitable lifestyle factors. Based on this information one can plan a personalised nutrition and exercise programme tailored to suit your individual needs.

We all have different genotypes (or genetic codes), that act as blueprints for what we are all about. Our individual genetic variations pre-determine our potential as well as our risk.

The way that our genes are coded provides us with information as to how our bodies are functioning at a cellular and upstream level on a day to day basis; and since the day that we were conceived. Understanding this helps us to understand our genetic predisposition as well as what factors will influence this. The beauty is that we can now start tailoring and targeting our individual lifestyles based on our genotype. Gone are the days of blanket recommendations that everyone has to adhere to.

For those looking for further ways to invest in their as well as their children’s future health, DNA testing provides information on the types of lifestyles that each of us need to be living and which key areas we need to focus on to ensure our best possible outcome.  

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‘Dietary advice based on genetics is more useful than generic diets that more often than not end up in a roller coaster ride of hit and miss eating habits.’

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‘ I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you again for your help and commitment.’

Michael Hay. Multi Day Endurance Athlete.

‘You've played a big role in Madi's development. We are very grateful for the work you do. You've been an incredible support to us.’

Madison’s mom.

‘Thank you, I truly appreciate your help in getting me into a new improved lifestyle.’

Neil Fynn.

‘My racing has been awesome. Never felt tired at any point. My eating plan is the bomb, I am not ever changing.’

Natalie Bergstrom. SA Masters MTB Cross Country.

‘I have already seen an improvement. She has been eating her dinner without us having to remind her to chew or hurry up.’

Kelsey’s mom.

'Thank you for the inspirational session. I feel like I have a new lease on life & I am ecstatic to begin my healthy regime.’

Paula Lewis.

‘My race went great - did a personal best. Been sticking to my plan with nutrition & its really helping.’

Miroslav Fischer. Iron Man Athlete.

‘My wife & I were extremely pleased with the huge weight that was lifted after the consult. Thank you!’

Kimeya’s dad.

‘The session was exactly what I needed to kick start the road to a healthier lifestyle.’

Subashni Govender.

‘I felt really strong throughout. I had a great & enjoyable race. Thanks again for all your help.’

Jono Cech. Cape Epic.

‘The visit to you has made a difference. She is eating vegetables now.’

Kirthi’s mom.

‘You helped me feel a lot more positive. I had been feeling very concerned about my level of tiredness & low energy!’

Jessica Chaplin.