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‘To eat is a necessity. To eat intelligently is an art.’ Francois de la Rochefoucauld


Nutrition food and diet are integral to us all.  No matter your age and fitness level, whether you are healthy or suffer from a chronic disease, we all have our own set of lifestyle goals. Assessing your dietary intake is a key component to improving your health and the quality of your lifestyle.

With our busy and stressful lives, we often take the line of least resistance and are tempted by well-marketed convenience, processed foods that are low in nutritional value and harmful to our health.  In seeking advice on the internet or in popular media we are flooded with fad diets, dietary supplements and weight loss claims that in the long-term only lead to erratic eating habits and poor food choices.

At the end of the day, every person is unique and a one size fits all approach should never be applied to diet. Improved eating habits come from long-term lifestyle adjustments and informed daily choices.

Our nutritional advice and eating plans are individualized to fit into a client’s financial budget and day to day routine. Flexibility is important and clients are taught how to adjust their eating habits and to apply their eating plans; this is integral to the success of any eating approach. Outcomes and targets are discussed upon initial consult and follow up consultations are encouraged where achievements are celebrated, and solutions to problem areas are discussed. Maintaining motivation and gaining a more informed understanding of the food that we eat is key to achieving lifestyle goals.

‘If you eat what you have always eaten, you will weigh what you have always weighed.’

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‘Thank you, I truly appreciate your help in getting me into a new improved lifestyle.’

Neil Fynn

‘Thank you for the inspirational session. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am ecstatic to begin my healthy regime.’

Paula Lewis

‘The session was exactly what I needed to kick start the road to a healthier lifestyle.’

Subashni Govender

‘You helped me feel a lot more positive. I had been feeling very concerned about my level of tiredness & low energy!’

Jessica Chaplin

‘I loved my time with Kerryn, I learnt so much.’

Vaneshree Moodley

‘The eating plan is great. I’ve started to notice that I’m feeling more consistent in terms of energy levels throughout the day.’

Sonja Cech

‘It’s great to have a “real” eating plan for the first time in my life after trying so many!’

Pam Maritz

'Thank you. By far the best advice I have had for my health in general.’

Garrick Armstrong