Sports Nutrition

“The amount, composition & timing of food intake can profoundly affect sports performance.” - IOC CONCENSUS


The core focus of sportsmen and women is training to get fitter, stronger and more efficient in their disciplines. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational sports enthusiast, following a calculated nutrition strategy can remarkably enhance performance gains, resulting in more efficient training and effective recovery, as well as give you the competitive edge.

Many athletes assume that an increased level of exercise will result in an improved body composition. However, if you follow an incorrect diet regime you can end up losing muscle instead of fat mass. An appropriately prescribed diet, addressing the ratios of your macronutrient intake and the timing of your food intake, will improve your body composition by increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat percentage.  This will improve your power to weight ratio which will significantly enhance your performance.

Your nutrition strategies should be considered as you start to prepare and train in advance of your events, as well as throughout the season. This gives you time to achieve the ideal body composition for your discipline as well as optimize your training.

Our sports nutrition assessments include anthropometric testing including weight, height, skinfold thicknesses and body fat percentage.  A full diet history is needed for daily, training as well as race food and drink intake; including all nutritional and sports supplements used. Weekly training schedules and competition dates are also required.

Nutritional advice is based on your sporting goals as well as on the latest scientific evidence available. Eating plans and nutrition strategies are individually calculated, prescribed and designed to fit into your daily lifestyle as well as training schedules. Ultimately, it is strict dedication, consistency and utilizing nutrition strategically that results in goal achievement.

‘A nutrition strategy is the variable that can give you the edge on your competition and take you to the next level.’

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‘ I'm very pleased with the results. Thank you again for your help and commitment.’

Michael Hay. Multi Day Endurance Athlete.

'My racing has been awesome. Never felt tired at any point. My eating plan is the bomb, I am not ever changing.’

Natalie Bergstrom. SA Masters MTB Cross Country.

‘My race went great - did a personal best. Been sticking to my plan with nutrition. Its really helping.’

Miroslav Fischer. Iron Man Athlete.

‘I felt really strong throughout. I had a great & enjoyable race. Thanks again for all your help.’

Jono Cech. Cape Epic.

‘The diet plan has worked great! I have got to my desired weight & most of it seems to be lean muscle mass.’

Garrick Armstrong. Rugby Player, UK.

‘I had an awesome Hill2Hill 100km race, must be the good diet.’

Phillip Marais. Hill2Hill.

‘Your advice worked like a charm.  I never felt fatigued, nor did I feel stiff or recover badly! I have never felt so strong & energised!’

Anne Chalmers. KZN Squash.

‘Thank you for the eating plan it made a huge difference. I felt great on the ride & could have carried on at the end.’

Andre van Heerden. Homeward Bound Challenge.

‘Love the meal & race day plan. Think this could be a game changer. Thanks a mil for all your input, love working with you!’

John Grobler. Iron Man Athlete.

‘Thank you so much for all your efforts & pushing me so far.’

Hayley Joseph. Iron Man & Comrades Athlete.